06 August 2023

Devon & Cornwall Transit. September and beyond

We continue to see notices for the September timetables, although First Kernow have also snuck on a few seasonal changes for the beginning of October.

First South West Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004983.581 100 200 300 Penzance Bus Station Truro College Bus Park 03-Sep-2023 Revised timetable for the new academic year.
PH0004983.404 271 272 Callington, New Road St Austell, Trinity Street 03-Sep-2023 Timetable variation
PH0004983.454 400 Illogan Coop Truro College 03-Sep-2023 Variation to route and timetable.
PH0004983.188 850 Newquay Bus Station Truro College Bus Park 03-Sep-2023 Timetable variation
PH0004983.170 Land's End Coaster Penzance Bus Station Sennen Cove 01-Oct-2023 vary timetable
PH0004983.173 Land's End Coaster (17) Penzance Bus Station St Ives, Malakoff Bus Station 01-Oct-2023 Timetable variation
PH0004983.472 Land's End Coaster Land's End St Ives, Malakoff Bus Station 01-Oct-2023 cancel
PH0004983.621 M104 ROSUDGEON, FALMOUTH PACKET INN MULLION SCHOOL 03-Sep-2023 time table vary
PH0004983.584 Sunseeker St Ives Malakoff Bus Station Gwithian, Red River Inn 01-Oct-2023 cancel
PH0004983.174 T1 (T2) Penzance, Bus Station/ St Ives Malakoff Truro,  Bus Station 03-Sep-2023 Variation to timetable
PH0004983.187 U1 (U1a) Falmouth, The Moor Truro Bus Station 24-Jul-2023 Timetable and route variation
PH0004983.179 U2 Camborne Bus Station Falmouth, The Moor 03-Sep-2023 Revised timetable for the autumn academic term

Plymouth Citybus Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.222 5 5A Penzance Paul 04-Sep-2023 Revised times for reliability
PH0000135.325 6A Okehampton Station Exeter 03-Sep-2023 Cancel
PH0000135.326 6 Bude Okehampton Station 03-Sep-2023 Cancel
PH0000135.223 8 Long Rock St Just 04-Sep-2023 Revise running times for reliability & extend last inbound journey to Long Rock
PH0000135.161 12 12A 12B Bude Plymouth 04-Sep-2023 Revised times
PH0000135.225 16 St Ives Rosehill Gardens 04-Sep-2023 Revise times for reliability
PH0000135.226 16A Rosehill Gardens St Ives 04-Sep-2023 revised timetable
PH0000135.244 18 Pendeen St Ives 04-Sep-2023 Revise times for reliability
PH0000135.228 22 Truro St Austell 03-Sep-2023 Revised times
PH0000135.230 25 24S Fowey Newquay 04-Sep-2023 Revise times for reliability
PH0000135.231 26 St Austell Bodmin 03-Sep-2023 Revised timetable to provide connections to China Clay villages. Service 191 withdrawn

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.249 1 1A 1S X1 Plymouth / Sherford Tavistock - George P&R 03-Sep-2023 Intermediate running times are revised on all days of operation to improve reliability and punctuality  1 service reverts back to North Road East being the start of journeys towards Tavistock, to allow for circular nature of route within City Centre. Publicity timetable are showing journeys terminating at Royal Parade.  1A service given a more robust 20min frequency 0700  1900 and 30min frequency 1900  2300 Monday to Saturday. Sunday service also increased to a 30min frequency 0900 - 1800  1S service Introduced from George P&R to Tavistock School, via Horrabridge Village on School Days
PH1020951.236 2 2A Saltash Mount Batten 03-Sep-2023 Punctuality changes to timings on timetable, and amendments to some service times.  The 2A now interworks with the GOLD service. Some early morning and evening services withdrawn.
PH1020951.237 3 Plymouth Kingsbridge 03-Sep-2023 Revised timetable as per Council Tender, with added trip as follows  0520 Sugar Mill to Kingsbridge ( Mon-Sat)  1940 Kingsbridge to Plymouth, has been put back to 1950 departure.   Revised times departing from Kingsbridge to reduce the layover time.  Some minor punctuality changes to improve efficiency.
PH1020951.011 12 Newton Abbot Brixham 03-Sep-2023 Timetable variation
PH1020951.091 13 (13D, 13C) Torbay Hospital Brixham 03-Sep-2023 Timetable variation
PH1020951.208 22 Dawlish Warren South Devon College 03-Sep-2023 Route and timetable variation
PH1020951.380 52 Plympton Derriford Hospital 03-Sep-2023 Punctuality Changes and removal of some timing points. Extension of the last trip to go all round Plympton
PH1020951.238 93 Kingsbridge Dartmouth 03-Sep-2023 Revised timetable as per Council tender, with added trip as follows  1845 Dartmouth to Kingsbridge ( Mon  Sat )   Revised time departing from Kingsbridge to reduce the layover time.  Some minor punctuality changes to improve efficiency.
PH1020951.385 122 Babbacombe Devon Bay Hoburne Holiday Park 03-Sep-2023 Timetable variation
PH1020951.368 200 Coypool Park & Ride Plymouth, Royal Parade 03-Sep-2023 timetable vary
PH1020951.376 317 Bideford Okehampton 03-Sep-2023 Minor timetable changes to improve service reliability and reduce waiting time at mid-route timing points.
PH1020951.117 319 Barnstaple Hartland 03-Sep-2023 Revise journey timings to improve service reliability.   Additional journeys at 06:03 from Barnstaple to Hartland and 18:45 from Hartland to Barnstaple (Mon-Sat).
PH1020951.405 343 Tiverton Bus Station Cotteylands 03-Sep-2023 Monday - Saturday
PH1020951.198 GOLD Plymouth City Centre Paignton Bus Station 03-Sep-2023 Punctuality Changes to improve reliability along the route  Service 2A to interwork with Service GOLD, using 9 double deckers, which will provide better duty portions and allow for additional running and recovery time  On Sunday the last bus from Paignton to Plymouth will be 1955, currently this departs at 1930. The number of trips per day is the same.

As usual click through for full details, including timetables when they have been added. There are a lot to process over the coming weeks so watch this space. There will be a full run down of all the September changes nearer the time.

Nothing new coming up this week!


  1. Note Bude to Exeter Sunday Citybus 6 & 6A cancelled

  2. So the 2A and Gold inter works so the bus runs through Saltash - Torquay?

    1. Seems that way. Interesting? Can see traffic etc being an issue with that!!

    2. Unless it is being reinstated, Gold doesn't run to Torquay - it was cut back to Paignton last September.

    3. Well apart from only going to Paignton nowadays, yes

  3. Stagecoach have now uploaded there changes on line very interesting I must say

    1. I see its won the supported 6 from Bude but the local depot is closing drivers say so what depot will operate it, guessing with long dead runs in morning and evening and where or how will driver changes happen in future?

    2. Exeter now runs through to bude again. Assume morning will come from Holsworthy?

  4. Stagecoach changes for September are now on their website.

  5. So all Exeter town services were axed by Stagecoach in the evenings after 7.30pm according to Devon Live & drivers but the council will now instead save them by paying for them to continue as before.

    1. They wasn’t axed them stagecoach asked for help as they wasn’t making any money and DCC said they would help, stagecoach where just going to make the city late service bare minimum

    2. Anon 13 Aug @ 1312 Bare minimum, only hourly with DCC money? DCC also can't just 'help' Stagecoach by slipping it some money, if the evenings didn't pay then they need deregistering commercially and tendering as contracted services open to all operators to bid for unless you are saying DCC is paying Stagecoach through a deminimis arrangement but there are strict upper limits on how much it can pay an individual operator under such arrangements without formally tendering the work?

    3. Anonymous 14 August 2023 at 11:52 - Devon County Council has considerable freedom to enhance existing commercial services under "De Minimis" rules and I would expect the Exeter evening enhancements to fall well within scope.

    4. Julian, they are not evening enhancements but they are bare minimum supported hourly evening services replacing withdrawn commercial ones so Exeter now has no commercial evening city services whatsoever as the others are already supported or withdrawn. I mentioned deminimis in my comment but as I said there is a strict limit per operator & previously DCC was already close to it. Surprising the county town has no commercial evening buses left.

  6. Same at Dartmouth

  7. Anon 12 Aug @ 1821 yes buses not drivers run through. No depot at Holsworthy so are dead runs all way from Barnstaple?

    1. Hopefully the thru working works better than the 85 where boarding at Barnstaple yesterday the driver refused to confirm we would get to Tavistock as he didn't know if the Tavistock end would come. It did but very poor.

    2. Possibly from Tavistock perhaps?


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