08 August 2022

Citybus Take on Some Oakleys routes

More news on the services being taken over by Citybus from Oakleys:

From Monday 15th August, we’ll be running bus services 55, 56 and 98 between Tavistock and Yelverton, plus an extended Service 59 from Derriford Hospital covering Roborough and Shaugh Prior.

The routes were put out to tender by Devon County Council, and we won the contract to run the services.

Dartmoor Weekly

We’ve added some minibuses to our fleet especially for Services 55, 56 and 98 to make it easier to navigate the Dartmoor roads – the minibuses are better suited for the smaller roads to some of the more rural locations.

We’re also introducing a new Dartmoor Weekly ticket. This means it’ll be £15 for an adult to use Services 55, 56 and 98 for the week, and just £12 for children.

Service 59 now from Derriford Hospital

We’re also running Service 59, including Plympton, Sparkwell, Cornwood and Shaugh Prior – and have been able to extend the service to include Marjon and Derriford Hospital. You’ll be able to travel the whole route on a Zone 3 pass.

Full timetable details will be available in a pdf and on our website and app ready for Monday 15th August.

Oakleys Coaches have put out a message via Facebook:

Regrettably from the 15th August Oakleys Coaches will no longer be operating the 59, 55,56 or 98 bus services.

With the rise in fuel cost and the increased costs across the board we needed to try and increase our prices to operate the bus services.

All of the bus drivers needed a well deserved pay increase due to the cost of living crisis.

The only way to do this was to put the services up for re tendered.

Unfortunately we have been beaten on price by Plymouth CityBus.

I have to say. It has been a pleasure serving the local communities with our buses. We have put 100% effort in to trying to give a good reliable service.

We are all very sad to be losing these services.


Tavistock Today has a bit more on this story here


  1. I hope the sprinters are going to get a repaint, rather than just a sticker logo! Pretty half assed effort if not!

    1. Given the timescale I would imagine two full repaints are unlikely. If I was a passenger in such rural locations I would be glad to have a service of some kind. The last thing I would worry about was what colour the bus is.


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