09 August 2022

4th September First Kernow

First Kernow have now announced their timetables from 4th September

The main changes are:

27 – the first and last buses of the day no longer extend to/from Cornwall Services – alternative buses are provided by Go Cornwall Bus route 26.

Land’s End Coaster – the winter timetable is significantly different to now. Please check before you travel.

Tin Coaster – all buses serve Penzance town centre. Alexandra Road will be served by Go Cornwall Bus route 5/5A.

Some of our routes also have minor timetable changes (typically by a few minutes).

Most of our other changes are to meet the expected demands of the new academic year – predominantly on buses that serve Turo & Penwith Colleges.


The full list:

17 Evening buses have been retimed
19 Minor changes to the timetable
27 The first and last buses of the day no longer extend to/from Cornwall Services – alternative buses are provided by Go Cornwall Bus route 26.
91 Minor changes to the timetable
160 The 160 will run to/from St Ives Malakoff and Carbis Bay Tesco – anyone between Carbis Bay and St Erth can use the 17 to get to/from Penwith College.
200 The 200 will start from St Ives Malakoff in the morning – anyone needing to travel from Penbeagle, Halsetown and beyond can use the 160 and connect at St Ives.
220 Will start from Penwithick and serve Bugle, Stenalees and Whitemoor before running along the current route from Nanpean. St Dennis will be served by the 890.
270 Is replaced by the 220 in Penwithick, Bugle and Stenalees, and by the 890 in Victoria and Roche.
271 An extra bus will run mid-morning from Holmbush Inn to Truro College and back.
400 Will start from Illogan Co-op and run via Bridge to Portreath then via current route to Truro College.
470 Will start from Redruth rail station – Illogan is served by changes to the 400.
890 Will start from Bodmin Business Park and serve Roche and St Dennis. Launceston, Five Lanes and Bolventor are no longer served.
Dartmoor The winter timetable is introduced – with two journeys in each direction.
Land’s End Coaster The winter timetable is introduced – with buses running every 2 hours in each direction. Extra morning and afternoon buses run to serves Penzance schools. The peak buses will now run all year.
L1 Minor changes to the timetable
L3 Extends to Truro College and no longer serves Penryn Campus
The Mousehole Minor changes to the timetable
Park & Ride (Truro) Minor changes to the timetable
Tin Coaster Buses that currently serve Alexandra Road will instead run direct through the town centre to ensure all buses on Tin Coaster serve Market Jew Street. Alexandra Road will be served by Go Cornwall Bus route 5.
U1 Minor changes to the timetable
U2 One bus in the morning will serve Woodlane in Falmouth then connect with the U3 to offer links to Penryn Campus.
U3 Will resume for the new academic year – buses start on 12 September.
U4 Minor changes to the afternoon journey that serves Helston school.
U4X Will serve Marazion

We are also getting a few timetables coming through for Plymouth Citybus services from the same weekend which I am sure will appear on their web site very soon. I think I am going to be very busy over the coming weeks


  1. First South West Ltd is the company. Cornwall by Kernow and Adventures by Bus are the operating brands. No such thing as First Kernow.

    1. Well there is such a thing as First Kernow - as you say its the operating brand for First South West Ltd. On Traveline the timetables all appear as First Kernow so that's why I use it, when the full Devon & Cornwall Transit is published for the week they appear as First South West Ltd as the company name on the registration. At then end of the day most people know who I mean!

  2. I assume the early introduction of the winter timetable on the Land's End Coaster is due to ongoing staff shortages. There can still be quite heavy loading on some journeys in the first half of September.

    1. Will never cope with September loadings


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