26 August 2022

Citybus Sprinter 351

Whereas Oakley's usually operated Optare Solos on routes 55, 56 and 98, Plymouth Citybus are using two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 45 minibuses transferred from Go-Ahead London: 350 (BT15 KLZ) and 351 (BL60 GAO); both are former Evobus demonstrators.   They have been pressed into service in their previous livery with just a small Plymouth Citybus fleetname on each side.  If they are to be permanent additions to the fleet then it would be nice to see them repainted in due course into something more attractive.

I've attached a shot taken yesterday (Thursday) of 351 passing through Walkhampton on service 55 from Tavistock to Milton Combe.

Walkhampton  25/08/2022

© Mark Bailey (Thanks to Mark for the photo)


  1. Nice to see there is at least one passenger on the bus.

  2. A tfc e200 was on the pcb dartmoor network the other friday


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