15 July 2021

Tamar Bridge Shuttle

One interesting service operating in Plymouth at the moment is Roselyn Coaches TB1 shuttle service over the Tamar Bridge while major works are carried out. Mark bailey has kindly supplied some photos of the operation:

HXZ 252 working the Tamar Bridge shuttle service that Plymouth Citybus have sub-contracted to Roselyn.  It is an East Lancs Lolyne -bodied Dennis Trident, new to First Bristol as W714 RHT but subsequently transferred to First Devon & Cornwall and allocated to Plymouth depot for many years.

Plymouth  10/07/2021

Plymouth  10/07/2021

The other bus Roselyn are using (on weekdays anyway) is UFH 277, a TransBus Enviro300 acquired a few months ago that was formerly SN04 EFP, and new to Pete's Travel of West Bromwich.  

Plymouth  12/07/2021

All photos above © Mark Bailey – used with permission (and thanks!)

HXZ is certainly looking a lot better now than towards the end of her previous spell in Plymouth

First 32714 W714RHT

February 2015 Bretonside


  1. A note on the operation of this service - at least as it was when I used it a few days ago: on the Plymouth side, the bus lays over by the shelter, but when leaving, as in pictures 2 & 3, it would be a right-angled turn on to the bus gate, so it travels down Pemros Road and round the one-way at St Budeaux and back. And to turn in Saltash it goes via North Road and New Road to Burraton Cross before turning into Callington Road and getting back to Fore Street.

  2. Yes that is correct. When Roselyn took over the previous contract from Citybus last year they got into trouble through churning up the grass verge when doing the very tight left hand turn into the bus gate, and were told (I understand) to turn right instead and go all the way down Pemros Road and back up again - a not insignificant amount of extra mileage and diesel used.

  3. A solo in roselyn aswell as a wright single deck in lothian livery are common place aswell on tb1

  4. Sister bus to ex first 32714 (32716) which is on Roslyn colours also does the TB1 a lot


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