21 November 2020

Pulse Bus Project

Plymouth Citybus 418 has been donated to the PULSE BUS PROJECT

as Chris Uglow explains on his Facebook post

It’s finally here!! The bus has arrived! Whoop! Thank you Plymouth Citybus for donating us this awesome bus for the Pulse Bus project.
Now to get it converted and kitted ready for our young people to enjoy! If you’d like to know more on partnering and getting involved we’d love to hear from you.
Pictured here at Oriel Ministries HQ. Chris receiving the keys from Jason at Plymouth CityBus.


They have since added a further post – along with a plea for help…

We’ve taken delivery of our amazing bus from City Bus Plymouth yesterday (see my previous post) ready to be converted over the next few months, so excited for this next phase of the bus build, but then ..... we have amazingly been offered a second “Free of charge” bus which is the sister to our main donated bus which can be used for parts as a donor bus as well! To have a spare bus for parts would be amazing and could save us so much money on maintenance, spare wheels , windows, engine, the list is endless.
***The problem is I don’t have anywhere to keep it***
I’m wondering If any of my friends on here that love the charitable work we do with young people who may have land or space in North Cornwall, may know somewhere where it can be parked neatly and left to take bits as we need. I’d love you get in touch if you have any ideas or can help in any way or can share on here.
(I have to get this sorted in the next few weeks.)
Thanks so much for your help in advance!

If you can offer any suggestions or help please go through to Chris Uglows Face Book Post here

The “other bus” is 409 PN02XCP

Plymouth Citybus 409 PN02XCP

For more information on the Pulse Bus Project click through to the Oriel Ministries site here


  1. Graham...should the other bus be 408 (not 409)? 408 went to ??, Launceston and 409 went to All Saints Academy later returning to Milehouse before departing for scrap.

    1. I think you are probably right - the group just found a similar bus photo for their facebook post!


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