18 August 2020

Go South West service alterations

The few listed timetable changes for Plymouth Citybus were just the tip of the iceberg with no less than 45 entries into the DVSA site today across Plymouth and Cornwall. They are presented here as a straight table with no links or anything so you can see what changes are coming up. Some of these may be only minor alterations as some of the Plymouth services noted below are not mentioned by Citybus in their list of services due to change!

More details will be added over the coming week or so hopefully.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.094 5 (5, 5A) Elburton City Centre 30-Aug-2020 Timetable Change
PH0000135.012 8 (8, 9) City Centre City Centre 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.276 GC010A (10) Launceston Bodmin Parkway 30-Aug-2020 Revise route in Launceston & reduce layover time at Westgate Street to address congestion
PH0000135.161 12B (12) Bude Plymouth 30-Aug-2020 On schooldays journeys serving Marhamchurch operate via Red Post & Stratton
PH0000135.162 12 (12) Bude Plymouth 30-Aug-2020 Additional journeys between Launceston & Downgate.
On schooldays, 0700 from Plymouth & 1525 from Launceston serve Launceston College
PH0000135.170 12A (12A) Plymouth Downgate 30-Aug-2020 Diverted to serve Tesco between Ashton & Callington (New Road)
PH0000135.001 16 (16) City Centre City Centre 30-Aug-2020 Timetable Change
PH0000135.095 20 (20, 20A) Ivybridge City Centre 30-Aug-2020 Revised Timetable
PH0000135.100 PCAO021 (21, 21A) Barne Barton Barne Barton 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.006 23 (23, 24) CIty Centre City Centre 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.229 GC024 (24) Fowey Mevagissey 30-Aug-2020 Timetable revised to complement commercial service provided by First Kernow
PH0000135.146 27 (27, 27B) City Centre Crownhill 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.231 GC027 (27, 27A) Bodmin Truro 30-Aug-2020 Timetable amended t ocomplement commercial servics registered by First Kernow
PH0000135.232 GC27 (27, 27A) Truro Bodmin 30-Aug-2020 Timetable amended to complement commercial services registered by First Kernow
PH0000135.005 28 (28, 28A) Crownhill City Centre 30-Aug-2020 Timetable Change
PH0000135.053 34 (34) City Centre Estover 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.042 35 (35, 35A) City Centre City Centre 31-May-2020 temporary change to timetable due to corona virus
PH0000135.237 GC037 (37, 37A) Helston Town Helston Town 30-Aug-2020 Revised route in Helston
PH0000135.238 GC038 (38) Camborne Helston 30-Aug-2020 Revised route in Helston
PH0000135.239 GC039 (39) Helston Camborne 30-Aug-2020 Revised route in Helston
PH0000135.007 40 (40, 41, 40A, 41A) CITY CENTRE CITY CENTRE 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.149 42C (42, 42C) City Centre Woolwell 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.013 43 (43) City Centre City Centre 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.010 44 (44, 44A) City Centre Whitleigh 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.246 GC056 (56) Padstow Newquay 30-Aug-2020 Certain journeys between Newquay and Newquay Airport withdrawn
PH0000135.126 61 (62, 61) Transit Way City Centre 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.164 72 (72) Polperro Plymouth 30-Aug-2020 Additional school journey between Triffle & Looe.
1355 from Polperro diverts to Saltash School on schooldays
PH0000135.163 73 (73, 73A) Polperro Liskeard 30-Aug-2020 PM service 73A extended to Dobwalls. Late summer only journeys withdrawn
PH0000135.182 81 (81) Milehouse Milehouse 30-Aug-2020 Cancel
PH0000135.181 82 (82) Milehouse Milehouse 30-Aug-2020 cancel
PH0000135.180 83 (83) Milehouse Milehouse 30-Aug-2020 Cancel
PH0000135.179 84 (84) Milehouse Milehouse 30-Aug-2020 Timetable Change. Service runs daily
PH0000135.178 85 (85) Milehouse Milehouse 30-Aug-2020 Service to operate daily. Timetable revised accordingly
PH0000135.278 GC090 (89) Bodmin Truro 30-Aug-2020 Service 90 (Newquay Airport to Truro Rail Station) withdrawn
PH0000135.134 118 MILEHOUSE., St Budeaux, West Park, Brake Farm NOTRE DAME SCHOOL 01-Sep-2020  
PH0000135.192 176 - 178 Launceston, Tregadillett, Five Lanes Bodmin 31-May-2020 new timetables? Start of august
PH0000135.203 181 (181) Pipers Pool Callywith College, Bodmin 30-Aug-2020 Morning journey retimed. Additional jouney when schools are open & Callywith college is closed.
PH0000135.196 182 (182) Delabole Wadebridge 31-Aug-2020
ourney back extended to start at Boscastle (Doctors Corner). Additional journey to run when schools are open but Callywith College closed
PH0000135.204 184 (184) Port Isaac Callywith College 30-Aug-2020 New Service
PH0000135.249 GC223 (223) Launceston Town Service Launceston Town Service 31-Aug-2020 Most journeys operate 10 minutes earlier t oease congestion in Westgate Street
PH0000135.275 GC515 (515) Penzance Hayle 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable
PH0000135.260 GC0A1 (A1) Penzance Lands End 30-Aug-2020 Revised timetable to complement commercial service from First Kernow
PH0000135.261 GC0M6 (M6) Penzance Mousehole 30-Aug-2020 All journeys withdrawn except schoolday journeys at 0755 from Mousehole & 1510 from Humphry davy School
PH0000135.224 GC014 (T1) Penzance Truro 06-Sep-2020 Formal registration of changes during Covid-19 period.
service T2 withdrawn, Sunday & Bank Holiday service T1 withdrawn, Mondy to saturday service revised.
Revisions are to complement commercial service provided by First Kernow.
PH0000135.262 GC0U4 (U4, 2) Penzance Penryn Campus 17-Aug-2020 Additional service 2 Penzance - Praa Sands to fill gap identified by Cornall Council

I expect quite a large number to appear for First South West shortly too…

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