12 August 2020

Coombe Dean School Services

Coombe Dean School have announced that their school bus services will be run by Plymouth Citybus from September as Stagecoach have withdrawn them.

CityBus are taking over the service from September

Many of you will know that since ‘lockdown’ Stagecoach has suspended the bus services on which a large proportion of our pupils rely on to get to school. A few weeks ago, we learnt that Stagecoach had decided to de-registered these routes as they deemed them commercially unviable.

I am delighted to announce that Plymouth CityBus have agreed to take over these routes, and that pupils who were used to travelling on the 806 (from Devonport) the 807 (from Woolwell ) and the 808 & 809 (from Mannamead) will still be able to do so from September. We will also continue to operate the 810 ‘late bus’ service, in partnership with CityBus.

Ticket Type Cost Equivalent Cost Per Week
1-week £14.50 £14.50
4-week £55.50 £13.87
13-week £174 £13.38
Annual £585 £11.25
(only best if pupil travels regularly in school holidays)

I acknowledge that the ticket prices for these routes have increased and that this will be an additional financial burden on our families at a difficult time. We are working on a plan to continue our subsidised weekly tickets for low-income families, and will provide details of this scheme as soon as possible.

Please remember that CityBus, like all public transport operators, have faced significant difficulties through the pandemic. I am very grateful that they have chosen to support the education of young people across Plymouth by taking on the routes that had been de-registered by Stagecoach.

Please do everything you can to buy tickets in advance. This will ensure that the buses run on time and is also much safer for all involved, as it reduces the need for queuing and for pupils to wait in close proximity to the driver and one another whilst they purchase tickets.

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