21 August 2020

Transport for Cornwall changes

Due to the large volume of service changes coming up these will be spread out over the coming week…

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes
PH0000135.276 10 Launceston, Camelford, Delabole, Port Isaac, Wadebridge,  Bodmin Parkway 30-Aug-2020 Revise route in Launceston & reduce layover time at Westgate Street to address congestion. New timetable appears to have started 17th August 2020 (unless there is another one due 30th August!)
PH0000135.161 12 Bude, Launceston, Callington Plymouth 30-Aug-2020 On schooldays journeys serving Marhamchurch operate via Red Post & Stratton
PH0000135.162 12 Bude, Launceston, Callington Plymouth 30-Aug-2020 Additional journeys between Launceston & Downgate.
On schooldays, 0700 from Plymouth & 1525 from Launceston serve Launceston College
PH0000135.170 12A Plymouth, Callington Downgate 30-Aug-2020 Diverted to serve Tesco between Ashton & Callington (New Road)

10; Launceston – Bodmin Traveline Timetable  (From 17th August)


12 12A Plymouth Callington Downgate Launceston Bude Traveline Timetable (30th August)

map route-12

Map route-12

Map Route-12A

Note that it looks like the 10 changed from the 17th August which does not match up with the DVSA site – but then a lot of changes don't at the moment!

The links in the top table now go through to the new 2020 PTBS Plymouth Citybus Site due to forthcoming changes to Google Sites meaning I have to split the site up into 4 separate sites or risk loosing access later in the year!

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