20 June 2020

Brightening the mood

Its nice to see yet another bit of Brighton & Hove back on our streets. I still miss the old Tridents which were firm favourites of mine. I missed the chance of catching this one on my first bus trip out since March as it didnt appear on the tracker so I caught the earlier bus for my appointment. It did at least give me 20 mins outside Tesco in the pouring rain to get some pictures…

plymouth Citybus 1204 YN57FYF

1204 seen at Tesco Transit Way this week on the 51, at least one other was also on the route.

My own bus was this fine example looking good in full swoops

Plymouth Citybus 463 LX06EZP

It does seem really odd catching buses under the new rules. Apart from the fact that wearing masks is horrible (but I did keep it on) it was very lonely. For much of my ride I was the only one on the top deck – but then when a young lady got on she had the choice of the whole top deck and yet still managed to sit less than two meters away!


  1. Tell me about it... Empty decker (me + driver) the other day and out of the whole bus they sit on the row behind me... I had to move to the back from the very front row on the top deck, so dissapointing not everyone is taking note of social distancing.

  2. In comparison to other Go-Ahead group brands, Plymouth Citybus has to be the dullest of liveries.

    1. Have to agree - I've said before on here I'm not a fan of the downwards swoop.

  3. We'll probably get a new livery soon for Black Lives Matter

  4. I drove 1204 yesterday. very nice to drive.


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