16 June 2020

First Kernow Improvements

The gradual return of something approaching normality (timetable wise at least) with another batch of timetable improvements from First Kernow

Whilst there will be more buses running the need for social distancing and the wearing of face coverings remains. Printed timetables will be available shortly.

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  • A1: Penzance – Porthcurno or Sennen Cove – Land’s End

Mondays to Saturdays – no change.


Buses will run every two hours to the same timetable as on weekdays.

Note – after St Buryan all buses follow a clockwise or anticlockwise loop via Porthcurno, Land’s End and Sennen Cove or the other way round. Every journey will take you to all points on the loop.

  • A5: Newquay – Cornwall Airport – Padstow

Mondays to Fridays – the only change is that, on school days, the 0748 from St Eval to Newquay has been retimed to start from Treburrick at 0734 and then run between Mawgan Porth and Cornwall Airport via St Mawgan. It diverts via Tretherras School on the way into Newquay.

The 1305 from Newquay will divert via St Mawgan on school days.

Note – this change has been made at the request of Cornwall Council.

Saturdays and Sundays – no change.

  • A17:  Pendeen – Penzance – St Ives

Mondays to Saturdays – no change during the day but an evening service will run between Penzance and St Ives. Departures from Penzance at 15mins past each hour until 2215 and from St Ives at 52mins past each hour until 2252.

Sundays – no change

  • M6: Penzance – Mousehole

Mondays to Saturdays:

no change during the day but evening buses will be reintroduced. Departures from Penzance at 30mins past each hour until 2230 and from Mousehole at 51mins past each hour until 2251.

Sundays – no change.

  • T1: Truro – Redruth – Camborne – Hayle – Penzance
  • T2: Truro – Redruth – Camborne – Hayle – St Ives

Mondays to Fridays – there will continue to be buses every 15mins between Truro and Camborne, continuing every 30mins as far as Hayle and then hourly to both Penzance and St Ives. Times will change a little over the Truro to Camborne section of the route but more significantly beyond Camborne so please check the timetable.

There will be extra early morning and early evening journeys including a new ones at 1840 from Penzance to Truro and 2035 from Truro to Camborne.

Transport for Cornwall (Cornwall Council) have contracted Go Cornwall Bus to run additional early morning and evening buses.

Saturdays – the service will increase to be the same as on Mondays to Fridays.

Sundays – no change.

  • U1: Falmouth – Penryn Campus – Truro

Mondays to Saturdays

Daytime buses will be restored to every 30mins running at the new times of 25 and 55mins past each hour from Falmouth and 20 and 50mins at each hour from Truro. Good connections will be available in Truro to RCH Treliske (T1/T2) and Newquay (91). An hourly evening service will also be restored with the last bus from Falmouth at 2152 and from Truro at 2235.

Sundays – no change

  • U2: Falmouth – Penryn Campus – Truro

Mondays to Saturdays

The frequency will increase from every two hours to hourly through the day. Buses will leave Falmouth at 10mins past each hour and return from Redruth at 06mins past each hour. Last bus from Falmouth at 1810 and from Redruth at 1906.

Sundays – no change

  • U4: Falmouth – Penryn Campus – Helston – Penzance

Mondays to Saturdays:

Buses will run hourly on the whole route during the day. Apart from small variations on school days departures from each end of the route will be at 40mins past each hour. Buses will leave Helston Coinagehall Street at 30mins past each hour to Penzance and 32mins past each hour to Falmouth.

Transport for Cornwall (Cornwall Council) have contracted Go Cornwall Bus to run evening buses from Penzance to Penryn Campus

Sundays – no change

  • 24: Mevagissey – St Austell – Par – Fowey

Mondays to Saturdays:

Most journeys will be extended beyond Mevagissey to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. This will not affect the timings on other sections of the route.

Also, the 1754 from Mevagissey to St Austell will run 20 minutes later at 1814 and extend to Par.

Transport for Cornwall (Cornwall Council) have contracted Go Cornwall Bus to run evening buses on this route


Most journeys will be extended beyond Mevagissey to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. This will not affect the timings on other sections of the route.

  • 27: Truro – St Austell – Bodmin

No change

Transport for Cornwall (Cornwall Council) have contracted Go Cornwall Bus to run evening and Sunday buses on this route

  • 87: Newquay – Perranporth – St Agnes – Truro

Mondays to Saturdays:

Daytime – buses will continue to leave Truro at 05mins past each hour and from Newquay at 35mins past each hour. Time will be built in to divert via Perran Sands Holiday Park from when it opens so buses will be a little later after that point.

Evenings – extra journeys will be added. These will divert from the standard route to serve Crantock, Cubert and Holywell Bay.


Buses will continue to run every two hours but with some change to times to include a diversion via Holywell Bay.

  • 91: Newquay – Indian Queens – Truro

Mondays to Saturdays:

This route will continue to run hourly but at different times. Currently the 91 and Go Cornwall Bus 93 run a few minutes apart between Indian Queens and Truro in both directions. In order to make these buses closer to 30mins apart the standard timing for the 91 will be at 45mins past each hour from Newquay and 20mins past each hour from Truro. Connections will continue to be available in Truro with the T1/T2 to RCH Treliske and the U1 to Falmouth.

Sundays – no change

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  1. Peter Murnaghan17 June 2020 at 08:52

    Social distance and the buses

    At a CILT webinar yesterday, involving our local bus and train operators in the south west, the present 2 metre social distance was mentioned and the suggestions that it might be reduced to 1 metre. James Freeman, the respected MD of First West of England, revealed that his staff had taken a double deck bus and measured out the seat spacing for possible reductions to 1.5m or 1metre. The conclusion of this test revealed that the capacity of a double deck bus would increase from its current 20 passengers - to just 21, an increase of only 1 passenger.
    Surprising, but true. So, still a very challenging constraint for bus operators.


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