20 May 2020

Country Bus & Dartline

With all the cancellations and service reductions over the past months some operators have pretty much carried on as normal including Country Bus and Dartline.

They do however have a few timetable changes coming up in the next week…

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes OPERATOR
PH1017984.113 178 Newton Abbot Okehampton 26-May-2020 Timetable amended. New timetable 178 ALANSWAY COACHES LTD
PH1017984.133 186 Sainsburys, Black Swan Road Dawlish, John Nash Drive 26-May-2020 Monday to Saturday, hourly. New service taken over from Dartline. New timetable 186 ALANSWAY COACHES LTD
PH0005305.069 Sidmouth Hopper Mutters Moor Car Park Salcombe Regis Camping & Holiday Park 23-May-2020 New Daily service until 6 September 2020
Hourly New seasonal timetable

Meanwhile its looking likely that we will start to see a lot more timetable changes coming up from the beginning of June especially in Cornwall.

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