21 May 2020

Slowly getting there

NATIONAL Express plans to restart its UK coach service in July, the transport group said today as it looked to how the business will benefit as lockdowns ease. Shares in the FTSE 250 bus and coach operator rose 13.7p, or more than 7%, to 195.9p, as it gave a number of positive updates to the City. Although the firm saw April revenues plunge around 50% as passenger numbers dropped due to travel restrictions, it managed to cut costs. It also secured more financial headroom, including getting £600 million from the Government’s Covid Corporate Financing Facility. National Express now has £1.5 billion in liquidity.

The company said it has started selling coach tickets for a July 1 restart. It suspended the service in early April as Brits were encouraged to work from home. Coaches will operate in line with Government guidance on social distancing, run on a reduced timetable and be focused on cities and large towns.

The firm added that it has won a new school bus contract in the US, and forecast increased demand for its buses in Spain and Morocco as lockdowns lift.

The first service that hits us in Devon (nothing across the river to start with) is new service 805


The current planned timetable can be found here in the PTBS Library.

So Two for Today has to be a couple of 3 axle National Express coaches, a few years apart:

FN63PWU June 2015

Bruce, Salsburgh FN63PWU

N315BYA August 2008

Trathens N315BYA


  1. 4 arrivals at Milehouse today.
    E285, SE221, SE291 and SE292 from Go Ahead London

  2. New timetables and services for national express 405, 903 and 906 available now on Traveline from Plymouth.


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