26 April 2020

Two for Today: 4 times 709

Two photos of Mercedes 709s both featuring two consecutive registered buses.

Target Travel N94BNF N95BNF

Target Travel N94BNF N955BNF Bretonside November 2010

Plymouth Citybus Withdrawn

Plymouth Citybus N283PDV N284PDV both withdrawn from service at the back of Milehouse July 2012


  1. Best vehicles ever to hit the roads of the city in my opinion!
    I’d love to know if any of the PCB examples are still on the road or in preservation! I’d absolutely love the opportunity to drive one of these beasts!
    Does anyone know how much they were sold for when it came to withdrawl?

    1. Only 1 709 left in Plymouth now. It is 283 and although not seen for ages, it is with the PCTPG having a clean after getting covered in moss and mould.

    2. 283 is currently in the process of returning to the road, should've had it's first trip already but with a delay in repaint and then current happenings I can't comment on it's future.

  2. I'm sure PCTPG had or have 283

    Here is 281 in 2014

  3. Tally Ho! Still had 288/9.288 was noted at their Kingsbridge Garage on the occasion of the "12th Kingsbridge vintage bus running day" Saturday 21st September last year!!.

  4. Tally Ho still had 288/289 last year.288 was noted at the "Kingsbridge Vintage Bus Running Day" back in September, parked up at their Kingsbridge depot!!.


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