27 April 2020

Two for Today 2 times 27

Two East Lancs Double Deckers on route 27. The older livery carried by 410 which is seen in February 2016 yet 405 is seen in the new Swoop livery way back in July 2014. I always liked these buses but they do look a lot better in the full swoop livery. It also helps not carrying external adverts. Of all the fleet name styles carried by Citybus, the one on 410 is probably my least favourite. Seems over designed and fussy and quite difficult to read.

Plymouth Citybus 410 PL51LFE
410 PL51LFE February 2016
Plymouth Citybus 405 10 July 2014
405 PN02XCH  July 2014
Feel free to comment if you disagree with me and I will happily publish your thoughts. (You’ll still be wrong though!

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