28 April 2020

Two for Today: Twenty Eight

Plymouth Citybus T128EFJ seen in the original (dull) grey skirt livery way back in 2006. She carries the SuperRider fleet name which never really meant anything special at all.Plymouth Citybus 028 T128EFJ

Some six years later we see 28 at the back of Milehouse in withdrawn condition, but at least she is in a much better livery Withdrawn: Plymouth Citybus 028 T128EFJ


  1. Accident is what took this out of service I am lead to believe

  2. Kind of, it had a fight with a man hole cover in a storm and lost

  3. Not quite the original livery - Her original livery featured the vertical arrow across the second window, and larger SuperRider names across the white area of the bus. She wore that from 1999 to around 2003-2004 when she was painted into the simplified version shown in the first picture.


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