16 July 2019

Green, Yellow and now Purple

The Plymouth Citybus Enviro fleet is currently available in a variety of liveries - with another new one fresh out of the paint shop:
Plymouth Citybus 538
Plymouth Citybus 538
538 now advertises All Saints Academy loosing its previous Yellow Flash livery
Plymouth Citybus 538 WJ65BZE and of course before that it was one of the two double deck Green Flash buses:
Plymouth Citybus 538 WJ65BZE


  1. This will be a service vehicle and will be used for excursions , similar to the Callywith ones.

  2. This looks really smart. I feel like theres more of these to come!

  3. Citybus think this is brand new and because the enviro 400 city hadn't arrived yet they decided to put a brand new LIVERY on show.


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