18 July 2019

Plymouth Citybus Fleet Listed - again!

I had to take the old fleet lists off line for a while as they were so far out of date they were pretty worthless. I have though recently started the painful process of rebuilding at least the local fleets so have some progress at last.

I say painful, because the ancient PC I am typing this on is barely powerful enough to run Windows now let alone do anything useful - so even the most simple task can take several minutes waiting for the machine to catch up. At least the end is in sight with a new pc due before the end of the month!

In the meantime the local fleet listings for Plymouth Citybus, Stagecoach, Target Travel, Country Bus, Dartline and Tamar Coaches can be found here  (First Kernow is in progress but is still offline for now)

The most recent changes noted for Plymouth Citybus are the withdrawal of a few more of the older double deckers:


Plymouth Citybus 401 PN02XBX


Plymouth Citybus 434 X546EGK


Plymouth Citybus 485 PK02RDY


Plymouth Citybus 487 PK02RFE

The next buses due for withdrawal will be 405 433 440 442 and 480 which will leave the last few Tridents 482 483 484 486 to soldier one for a while longer. Of course plans can always change so don't take these last few buses for granted - they wont be around for ever!

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