24 May 2019

Ride Cornwall Back on and up…

Back on the 21st May First Kernow dropped a bit of a bombshell on their web site and Twitter feed…

Despite having agreed a new set of prices and conditions for Ride Cornwall with partner bus operators and GWR a considerable time ago, rail operators are still not able to implement these changes.  As a result, we have had to take the unwelcome decision to suspend our participation in Ride Cornwall until such time as the rail operators can implement these long planned changes. We are therefore unable to sell or accept any Ride Cornwall tickets from 26th May 2019 until further notice.We are hopeful that the implementation of the changes can be made by the rail operators as soon as possible, at which point we will be able to sell and accept Ride Cornwall tickets once again.

The current price for the Ride Cornwall ticket being £13 for the day (adult)

At the same time the day ticket prices for First Kernow goes up on the 26th May …

Kernow Network 1 day £15 from the driver (£13 from the First Bus App)

(the full list at the bottom of this page…..)

you can probably see the issue right there!

Then earlier today there was an important announcement

…we're pleased to be able to say that the changes required for the continuation of the Ride Cornwall pass have been signed off by the Dft today. As a result there will be no suspension of Ride Cornwall

The sting in the tail comes in a later tweet

Ride Cornwall
Unlimited travel all day on most buses, and after 09:00* on Cornwall’s trains

Buy from:
…train station ticket offices
…train managers/conductors
…bus drivers

The Ride Cornwall pass costs:
£18 for adults
£9 for children
£36 for a family of up to 2 adults and 3 children

*You can travel before 09:00 on the following services:
08:14 Plymouth - Penzance
08:40 Plymouth - Gunnislake

Please note that railcard and other discounts are not available against Ride Cornwall passes

At least the ticket is back on again!


  1. That a £7.25 increase for railcard holders dosent make it appealing anymore unless you want to do multiple bus rides

  2. First got their way at the expense of passengers as usual...sigh.


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