12 December 2018

Life before, during, and after Plymouth

Richard Anscombe came across this beastie at Malmesbury Garden Centre on the 16th November:

How to disguise ex London PVL 158 - X558 EGK - seen at Malmesbury garden centre as HXZ 9743 on Fri 16.11.18. It has been with Plymouth Citybus and Target Travel in between.
© Richard Anscombe (with permission)

You may recognise the registration - and the livery:

PSVC Trip TargetTravel

And of course before that it looked like this

Plymouth Citybus 424 X558EGK

I never did like this livery - but it did look good on these buses

And going back even further it started off life in London:

PVL158 X558EGK GoAhead 240510
© Eastleighbusman (cc) May 2010

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  1. Feels like so long ago that Plymouth was full of these ex London B7 dd's.


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