24 October 2018

Going Up…

Its that time again…

On 4th November 2018 you will see that there will be price increases across our range of tickets. We have worked hard to freeze the prices of as many tickets as possible. We have frozen the price of all our weekly tickets, this includes our most popular ticket, the weekly zone 1 and 2 ticket being frozen for the second year in a row. We have also frozen the price of all 13 week tickets and annual passes, alongside other popular tickets including our Nightrider and Grouprider tickets.

Adult singles along with child singles and returns will see an increase of 10p or 20p. Adult returns will see an increase of 20p or 30p.

Dayrider tickets zone 1 & 2 will increase by 20p to £4.40 for adults and £3.30 for children. All other zone Dayrider tickets will remain unchanged.
4-week / monthly tickets will increase by £2 across all zones, both adult and child versions.

Since the introduction of our special offer ‘Add a Kid for a Quid’ two and a half years ago, over a million families have saved money when traveling with children. To be able to continue to offer such a valued product the price must go up. The ticket is now available priced at £1.50 as a ‘Kid Add-On’. Earlier this year we introduced the £1 flat fare for any single trip for those 18 and under during school holidays. We will continue to run this special offer during school holidays. Those in full time education, training and apprenticeships will continue to receive a 15% discount against the adult fare through our ‘Student’ products, which has now been extended onto our mobile app for students at the city’s major education providers.

A downloadable price guide is available to the right of this page showing all new season ticket prices. Printed guides will be available from our Travel Centre from 26th October 2018.

We have done our very best to absorb our cost increases and freeze prices where possible. We have invested heavily in providing a better customer experience, increasing passenger comfort, new payment channels and reliability in our fleet and the cost of living wage increases. I am sorry that this fare review is necessary and thank you for your support and custom.

Yours sincerely

Richard Stevens
Managing Director




  1. Absolutely ridiculous . Constantly late or cancelled services. Flooding the roads with old cast off buses from elsewhere possibly moving newer Flash buses to over parts of Go Ahead operstions and incrszde fares. Return to city for me will be £3.60 for me, £2 Stagecoach...o wonder which one I will use?

  2. I travelled to bodmin on train using service 11 to get between parkway and hospital the man on train asked if i wanted a + bus which i agreed to im glad i did as the return fare on bus was £1.60 more then the +bus ticket


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