22 August 2018

Target Travel Enviros

Target Travel will be ceasing their current operations in October so will be disposing most of their bus fleet. Two buses which have already been sold apparently are the Enviros 200s.

Bradley Darlington caught YX09FLR on camera a few days ago:



Target has applied for a new licence for around 20 buses/coaches, if they get that then they will carry on with stuff like "PAFC teamcoach" "PAFC Shuttles" "Torbridge School" and maybe Tesco shoppers.

Clearly now is the time to get your Target Travel bus photos before they go. I will certainly miss their current livery which does look really smart on their double deckers.

Target Travel


  1. What about PR3?

    1. I believe that the new Target operation hopes to keep that one, assuming they have the new licence which they should get.

  2. On a positive note makes the stagecoach mega/day rider ticket more value for money tho i wonder if they will hike prices up to compensate for more routes. Just wondering with the recent swop with exeter of 37440-4(which seem to live on the r&s) and the branding of tridents on the 3 if the darts were brought in ready for the takeover of the target routes

    1. It does but obviously most of the routes are only hourly...say through Peverell, Pennycross on 31 or Estover etc with 52 unless they are going to increase frequency. They do potentially have 2 n hour now to Plympton with 19 and 52 and with a bit of luck..imo they can get 59 from DCC thus 3 an hour to Plympton along with park and ride to Coypool.

  3. Replies
    1. According to the CityBus website, CityBus has "acquired" the PR3, with effect from Monday 8 October. Unsure what is meant by "acquired".

  4. PR3 has gone to CityBus

  5. PR3 Now Owned By Plymouth Citybus, Starting October... Enviros have been sold to citybus (as above post) MAN is not been sold to them from what target says, citybus posted info on the service change on facebook


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