19 March 2018

There in a Flash!

I have been experimenting with different ways to view bus routes using Google Earth and have finally produced a video which I think does give a good impression of a route, in this case, my local bus - the Plymouth Citybus 50, Yellow Flash.
We start at Derriford and go on an extremely fast trip around the city (172mph!) arriving back at Derriford 6 minutes later…
I think I might just slow it down a bit next time but otherwise I am happy with it so far. If it does not work directly on the blog you might get a better view of the video here on You Tube where you can get a better larger view.

The route itself falls from 450 feet above sea level just above Derriford Hospital to a mere 10 feet above sea level on The Embankment, with a few fairly steep climbs along the way as can be seen in this route profile which is another handy tool on GE.
profile 50
All in all I think the advances that Google have made in the 3D rendering of their Earth maps has made these 3d views a lot better than they used to be, and more importantly a lot easier / faster to to produce than ever before. Hopefully more of these will follow in due course


  1. Great work here Graham - it was discussed about ways in which Route Training could be given instead of driving it - with the idea of putting a Go Pro on the bus to record the route. This would be much faster to create!

  2. Absolutely brilliant. Looking forward to seeing one for my local route the 70 as it has some of the most spectacular views.


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