08 January 2018

Fares up in Kernow

Bus fare rises are never good news but with inflation running as high as it is, costs are increasing so fare rises are almost inevitable. This week we see First put their fares up in Cornwall from this weekend just gone, 7th January:

Unfortunately we are having to raise our fares to reflect our operational costs. 

  • Adult singles will increase by 20p 
  • Adult returns will increase by 30p 
  • Child singles will increase by 10p 
  • Child returns will increase by 15p 
  • Earlybird concession single tickets 40p
  • Our 1 day & longer period season tickets will have no increases
  • We will be offering some lower town fares in the county £1.40 single & £2.10 return.
  • Truro, Penzance, Wadebridge, Bodmin, Bude, Camborne, Falmouth, Hayle, Newquay, Redruth, St Austell & St Ives

Whilst we would like to give you exact details on this unfortunately it’s too complicated due to varying routes into the above communities to be able to easily publicise this in an easily to understand format. As this is embedded into the data held within out ticket machines the driver will charge the appropriate fare for the journey undertaken.

If you’re a regular traveller our MTicket smartphone apps can offer substantial savings over single & return tickets

As usual it hasn't gone down to well with passengers but as FK themselves point out

Actually this is only the second price increase since 2014 and does not apply to period tickets such as weekly tickets or those bought via our ‘M’ ticketing smartphone app. We do work hard to deliver good service to all our customers at a reasonable cost but we are a commercial business. We have done our best to absorb increases in our costs but when our costs increase we do have to eventually pass them on in order to maintain our services







  1. Think there last fare increase was only a few months ago when they went from the £2 £3 £4 £5 sgl system. I always find the ride cornwall ticket best value £13(10.75 if you have certain railcard) for day and you get all the trains go cornwall bus & first kernow

    1. No it wasn’t. It was the delayed one from a year ago and was implemented in May.

    2. The five-day carnet for £25 is excellent value as well. £5 per day, but it's only valid for three months and that's not made clear until after you buy it.

  2. A women on 95 in bude seemed pleased with the local fare as she beleved she saves around £7 a week


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