04 January 2018

Back again

For many years Plymouth was very much a Dennis Dart city. Most of them looking pretty much the same as most of the carried the long lived Pointer 2 bodywork which has aged pretty well. They are now reducing their foothold in Plymouth but one has now come back into service…

T139EFJ has been reinstated back into service with Plymouth Citybus where it is the last of the T reg batch.

It does of course carry the full swoops livery so most passengers wont notice it being any older than the others

Plymouth Citybus 039 T139EFJ

39 seen just after her last repaint back in March 2015

She didn't always look this good though…

Plymouth Citybus 039 Plymouth Citybus 039 T139EFJ

1 comment:

  1. What a difference a good livery makes! How many passengers would assume 39 is a new bus on first sight? It's interesting that the vehicle's waistline appears to curve downwards behind the rear wheel - a feature noticeable in all three photos.


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