30 November 2017

Wonderful Weekend Wonder?

After what seems like ages I am now finally back up and running with my internet - and at a lot higher speed than I ever managed before so hopefully I can now start to catch up and get going again on PT.

Starting off with a few Plymouth Citybus related items of news from the last week or so:

Just The Ticket…

A new weekend ticket is now available which looks like it could prove very useful for some passengers:


There have been a few teething problems with this though

Unfortunately due to a technical issue the Weekend Wonder ticket is not available on the Phone App and is restricted to on bus tickets only this week. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The other recent addition to the Plymouth Citybus home page is a link to the STAR Awards 2018 form which invites you to…

Nominate a Citybus employee below!

The awards are set up to recognise staff who have gone above and beyond to give excellent customer service, safe driving and just be an overall great employee!

We are asking passengers to nominate their choice by filling out the below form.

The nominations are open all year round and will be collated for the 2016 STAR Awards. 

Please give as much detail as possible, as this will help your nomination in the short listing process and the best chance of winning an award! 

A bit of a copy and paste issue there I think - but still a great idea.

Its good to be back!







  1. how do you find out what the drivers name was? had one driver on the 20A who half way up a tall hill picked up a old man with shopping to the top of the hill

    1. I would say the driver number on your fare ticket

  2. Have to say although you can't help knock Citybus for evidentaly poor planning and constant newtork changes not giving people chance to get used to things they do come up with some good i seas like this great if people work weekends or just want to make multipel trips shoppping

  3. Off topic, but 75 is now out in swoops, saw it this morning on the 41


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