04 December 2017

Christmas services Plymouth 2017


We are now in December and Christmas will very soon be upon us so now seems like a good time to see what the local bus companies have planned for the Christmas period. We start off with Plymouth…


Plymouth Citybus


Target Travel

up to 23rd December Normal school holiday services Normal school holiday services Normal school holiday services
24 December Sunday service. Last buses around 20:00? Sunday service. Last buses around 20:00 No service
25 December No service No service No service
26 December No service Special Boxing Day services on selected routes No service
27 - 30 December Saturday service? Saturday service Normal Weekday service. (No service 30th)
31 December Sunday service. Last buses around 20:00? Sunday service. Last buses around 20:00 No service
1st January No service No service No service
2nd January Normal service resumes Normal service resumes Normal service resumes

Stagecoach have several well detailed pages on their web site detailing their services over the Christmas period and for Plymouth and South Hams have the following:

We'll be running local bus services right through the holiday season, only taking a break on Christmas Day. There'll be special timetables on our 1 and 2 routes on Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

They have also put all of this information in a very handy leaflet / PDF

SC Christmas Plymouth

Best viewed as full size PDF HERE

Stagecoach Park & Ride services are also covered:


and also Falcon:



Well done to Stagecoach for providing such a comprehensive digest across several pages on their web site.


Plymouth Citybus

You will have already noticed that there are a few question marks in the top table above. This is because Citybus have yet to give us any details of their Christmas services on their web site yet. I do know that they are not operating on Boxing Day (I personally don't have a problem with this as I think drivers should be able to have a decent holiday like most of the rest of us but I know some will be disappointed especially as Stagecoach will be running theirs)

When they do decide to reveal all I will of course mention it here.

Target Travel

Target have published a quick graphic on their Facebook page



  1. So Stagecoach have services Boxing Day and New Years Day. This is very good for us lucky enough to live on one of their routes and those who have to work etc. Well done for being modern and thanks to the volunteers for driving these days.

    1. modern?? obvs stagecoach dont care that staff might like to spend xmas/new year with their families! at least pcb appriciate their staff want to spend time with their loved ones which is why they dont run services on xmas day and nyd

    2. It's a pity Stagecoach South West cannot extend a New Year's Day service to the rest of their empire. If they at least ran the same service as Boxing Day (as they are doing in Plymouth) that would be a start.

  2. Tuesday 2nd Jan is a bank holiday so I would have thought Sunday service not normal service resumed?

  3. The 2nd is NOT a bank holiday. (at least not in England)

  4. January 2nd is only a Bank holiday in Scotland.

  5. National express seem to be runing a full sunday service on boxing day with exception of overnight services which would of left on 25th

  6. Aon Dec 4th 21:07 - It's actually standard practise across many areas. It will only be certain routes running and not a full service, and also drivers would likely be paid extra for it, which is why some offer to do it.

  7. Actually, Anonymous 4/12/17 21:07, Stagecoach will have planned this carefully: they cannot force drivers into work on public holidays and offer premium pay rates for the 7 or so drivers who are willing to do this, helping those who do need to work to get around. Agree completely with the Anonymous 4/12/17 07:45, nowadays people do work on boxing day and need to get to work. In Oxford they are even running services on Christmas Day, which I believe are possibly the only ones in the country, please correct me if I am wrong, they are the only ones around the area at least!

  8. We get this every year. AIUI, the Stagecoach staff working are volunteers, so what's the problem? There are many reasons that people might choose to work on Boxing Day. Some people don't get that choice and still have to find a way to travel to and from work.

  9. Southern Vectid also operate Christmas day. The most extensive boxing day service is National Express West Midlands


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