21 July 2017

Just a bloke and a bus…

There is great web site out there called ISSUU which holds thousands of online magazines you can read. One such publication you can find there is the Plymouth Magazine and it just so happens that the August edition is now available.

The direct link is https://issuu.com/cornerstonevision/docs/plymouthmagazine_august_2017_issuu

You may be asked to register on the site, but don't worry it is free.

All the action is on pages 14-15.


Its highly likely that one of the new Sparks will be out on Tuesday next week:

Tuesday 25th July from 10am to 4pm

Come along to the Big Screen on Armada Way to have your say about local bus services. Plymouth Citybus, Stagecoach South West and Target Travel will be there. They look forward to chatting to you and hearing your commendations, your suggestions and, yes, even your complaints. This is your chance to tell the people who run your bus service what you really think.


  1. Will you be at the launch

  2. I still think the short lived Best Impressions livery was best. Has anyone worked the details of the service change yet? The Customer Notice PDF online is somewhat lacking in this regard.

  3. WA17 FTE noted at Falkirk earlier today with the display being tested.

  4. If you go on Plymouth Citybus's website the new timetables are online - easier to click the PDF versions for both the new 4/a and the 5, 5a, 5b & 5c (and other services where this is an option), as they have made them really complicated to view online! The main change is the 5/a is split into two - 4/a now operate the Saltash section (less often every 30 mins), and operate as seperate loops around Saltash. The 5 & 5a are less often too (every 30 mins each), and operate via Pomphlett Road during the daytime. 5b & 5c operate as far as Plymstock every 30 mins each, with one serving Oreston and one serving Billacombe - again less often to those areas, but in total two extra buses and hour between the City Centre and Plymstock. 5 & 5a are unchanged evenings and Sundays.

  5. WA17 FTD noted arriving at Milehouse on morning of 22/07/17.


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