24 July 2017


The third of the 56 reg Enviros has now been repainted out of the dull dark red livery although unlike her GREEN FLASH sisters she is in full swoops livery, and looking a lot better for it. Plymouth Citybus 133

Thanks to Richard Smith for the photo.

As mentioned she was in this livery which thankfully is now almost at an end

Plymouth Citybus 133 WA56HHO

When new she looked like this

Plymouth Citybus 133 WA56HHO

which was ok to begin with from  the outside at least (it was awful to ride in especially in damp weather as you couldn't see anything through that awful contravision) but by 2010 the images had faded really badly and it looked awful

Plymouth Citybus 133 WA56HHO

Clearing the windows helped but it still didn't look good

Plymouth Citybus 133 WA56HHO

For a bus that's coming up to eleven years old she is now looking better than she ever has!

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