19 July 2017

Lovely Levantes

As well as finally brining all my online fleet lists up to date over the past few weeks I have started a new one, which is a listing of all the National Express Caetano Levantes I have come across. Seemed like a good excuse to have a small phot feature if these imposing coaches.

First 20701 FN06FLC

March 2009

Back when First Devon & Cornwall still had a fleet of coaches on National Express duties 20701 was one of the very first Levantes.

Bruce FJ58AKK National Express

FJ58AKK carried effective Scotland branding which did improve a very dull National Express scheme. July 2011

Premier Travel FJ61EWX

August 2012: FJ61EWX carries a rear end advert for Reading & Leeds music festivals.

Go North East 7102 FJ08KNW

The Levante design looks a lot better in the longer 3 axle form. Go ahead North East FJ08KNW seen in standard livery in February 2015

The list is not complete as I have only gone back to January 2015 so far, but I will be going back a bit further eventually. The list is all the Levantes that have been purchased new or changed hands over the last few years.

National Express Fleet List

Its just a shame that such impressive looking coaches have to be saddled with such a dull uninspired livery as National Express.

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