25 May 2017

Lucky for some?

Target Travel are due to take on the 13 service from the 5th June 2017 which brings to an end Jacketts operation on this route. In later days the service has actually been ran by Jacketts using Plymouth Citybus Dennis Darts just to add to the confusion.

Plymouth Citybus 045 Y645NYD

Jacketts have operated the route for some time having taken over from the 4th November 2013

Jacketts SLZ6715 Jacketts BU05JDV

Prior to this it had been operated by Plymouth Citybus

Plymouth Citybus 202 X202CDV

and before that First had it!

First 52542 S542RWP (sold)

1 comment:

  1. over the years Bridwell road has has many variations into town, years ago, they started over in saltash, using bristol vr, the hoppas used to go via keyham and stoke, target had the route before, i think under contract from first....these never used to turn up. only fault with Jacketts was the lack of corporate identity,... lets see if this an improvement


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