24 May 2017

oo seven sevens

With the sad passing of Roger Moore, a small picture set of our own (00)7 route:

Western National 2112 EDV524D

© Jos Van Hemert July 1982 - the classic 7 buses.

Western National Leyland Lynx 205 E205BOD - Ply., Breton Side BS - 17-07-1991

© Jos Van Hemert July 1991 Leyland Lynx

First 38016 E216BTA

September 2006

53014 W814PAF First Devon and Cornwall.

March 2007

First 32817 T817LLC

January 2010 First 34615 K615LAE

June 2012

First 62952 W52WDS

September 2012

Hopefully these pics will leave you stirred, but not shaken.

RIP Sir Roger Moore

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