12 April 2017

Target Travel Timetable Changes

Target Travel have kindly sent me their new timetables from 2nd May 2017:

(These will be covered in due course as part of Devon Transit but I know several people in Plymouth will be keen to see these…)

T18 T19

Target Travel YX09FLR

T31 T39 T52

Its the 52 which sees the biggest change down from an hourly frequency to every 75 minutes which better reflects how long its taking to run the route these days. Hopefully this will improve the time keeping on this popular route.

While we are talking Target Travel….

Target Travel is providing one of its Double Decker buses for the Plymouth's Strongest Man 2017 Competition on 13th of August.
Come and see in event 4 as they attempt to pull the 12 ton bus. For more information on this event please visit -
Plymouth's Strongest Man 2017


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