19 April 2017

Almost Farewell to Exeter Bus Station

There has been a bit of a backlog of postings over the last few weeks due to holidays and also the heavy workload of Devon & Cornwall Transit over the last month or so. Catching up from March we have a few photos from the Exeter Bus Station Farewell event which took place even though the bus station is staying open a while yet.

I have focused on the Devon General contingent here but the full set of photos supplied by Richard & Peter can be found here if you want them.

Thanks to Richard Smith and Peter Murnaghan for supply these photos…

Exeter Bus Station Farewell Event

Exeter Bus Station Farewell Event

Devon General ROD 765

Exeter Bus Station Farewell EventDevon General  872 872 ATA Devon General 1814 A686KDV Stagecoach Devon Ltd  P701BTA Exeter Bus Station Farewell Event

Plymothian Transit Extra for more photos from the event


  1. I am getting "Insufficient Privileges" when I try to view the files in google docs. Since I was looking at another google docs site yesterday I reckon this is your settings rather than mine. Any thoughts........Peter

  2. hi .keep hearing about the closing of bus station.is there a new one being opened?or are just cl?uttering up the town centre?sad times/regards .rayatherton@sky.com

    1. Cluttering up town initially, New bus station will be built fronting Cheeke Street as part of a controversial development.

  3. Thanks for sorting the other pictures. Much appreciated and wish I had been there.......Peter


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