20 April 2017

Mendip Mule

Derek Gawn has supplied details of his services in East Devon at the end of May which I thought you might like advance notice of in view of the buses he is running…


These will be the 3 buses covering our opening period of the season - two running on any given day, with the third as back up spare - hourly service (see the yellow timetable here). The first day is expected to be flagship TDL 564K (subject to weather) and UWV 614S.

All other days are expected to be BJG 674V & UWV 614S. Subject, as usual, to mechanical availability of course.

Drivers will include Matt Godwin, Chris Randall, Mike Rogers, Alan 'Tebzy' Tebbitt and myself of course.

The service will then continue on Mondays to Thursdays throughout June, as a one bus service (see the blue timetable here), using either TDL 564K (fine days only) or BJG 674V. Mule Details Mule Mule1

Meanwhile if you fancy getting more involved….

I (Derek Gawn) am planning a publicity blitz of our patch on this date. Single handed this task can take me the best part of a week, but with a team we could do it in one day. Do you fancy helping out? I am afraid there will be no payment but everyone who helps will receive 2 free day tickets to use sometime this summer. The plan is to leave Colyton at 8.45am and meet up at Axminster Station at just after 9am. We will use the open top single decker as transport from place to place, which in itself will turn heads - at each town and village splitting up and delivering a poster and a handful of leaflets to each shop, hotel, holiday park etc - I will provide a lunchtime on bus buffet and refreshments - and we will be back at Axminster by 6pm and Colyton at 6.15pm. Ideally I am looking for a team of 10 or 12 people - more hands make light work and all that! Any takers? Thank you. Derek

If you can help please contact him via the Facebook page


More info: http://www.mendipmulemotorbus.co.uk/ Kicking ass and taking names!

Nick Rice August 2016

Rail River Link 1 UWV614S

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  1. It is so good to see it return for another year. I travelled on it last Summer and it was a really enjoyable day, based on true genuine passion. I wish him all the very best hope it's a success


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