23 November 2016

Victorian Plymouth

Happy to help promote this offer from the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group 

The latest publication from Plymouth historian and author, Chris Robinson, is this superb collection and informative publication on Plymouth through the Victorian period A wonderful Christmas present or just to treat yourself

Superb images and including many of Plymouth’s once fine transport network

256 pages this is a superb publication on a par with those and a must for anyone wanting to complete the decades Chris has so well documented


Retail price £18.95

PCTPG members £14.95. Non members £15.75            (p&p £2.50, free within the City Boundary)

Card payments accepted along with cheques and postal orders – Please email info@plymouthcitytransport.co.uk for info on how to pay

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  1. Blast from the past today. I saw a First bus complete with UGOBUS livery in Plympton.

  2. I suspect it was 48264 which is owned by PCTPG or a member off. If it wasn't can anyone shed light on it? Nice touch to put that comment under the Victorian Plymouth post, keeping the history together, although Ugobus wasn't that far back, imagine Ugo-brand horses! :)

    1. it was bobbys bus who is a PCTPG Member it was out for a ride about


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