28 November 2016

Life After Plymouth W509WGH

As part of a big historical update I have been working on in the Plymouth Citybus fleetlist I have been searching through Flickr for photographs of many buses to add to the listing. Hopefully a few of the found photos will appear here once I have permission to include them.

Thanks to Faded Image for being quickest to reply. Former Citybus 420 W509WGH seen here with Gumtree.com 22nd September 2016

Volvo B7TL Plaxton President Up A Gumtree

Copyright Faded Image” Click through to a lovely collection of photos - certainly plenty of variety!

The same bus back in January 2012:

Plymouth Citybus 420 W509WGH


  1. Graham, ex-CityBus 452, on your fleetlist shows various sales prior to June 2016, and then you suggest it is out there somewhere. It is was with Redline Buses in Aylesbury on June 24th 2016 but thats the most recent I can source

  2. Sorry, my confusion. The link is for a current situation (June 16) on ex-452 but the reference to the fleetlist is for ex-453.


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