17 March 2016

Tre Pol & Pen in Plymouth

I have to share these few videos of a train arriving at Plymouth Friary a few days ago.

Video by Classic Traction (Click through for more of their videos on their You Tube page)

On 12th March 2016 the 'Tre Pol & Pen' charter ran from London Euston to the South West and covered three West Country branch lines: the freight only Carne Point and Friary branches and Dartmoor Railway to Okehampton & Meldon Quarry. Here we see the tour headed by DBS Class 66s 66177 & 66109 as they arrive at Plymouth Friary, just short of the former Southern Region terminus, where until 1958, through passenger trains ran to London Waterloo via Okehampton ,Exeter & Salisbury.

Another video taken by P16 Trains from the same day:

And yet another this time by Train Clips HD:

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