21 March 2016

Fleet News: Plymouth Citybus

A few more updates to the Plymouth Citybus Fleetlisting:
Quite a few of the T registered Dennis Darts which were withdrawn at the end of last year are now back on the road having been brought up to DDA standards including 30 T130EFJ, 36 T136EFJ, 38 T137EFJ, 39 T139EFJ, 40 T140EFJ (NOT 40!)
Plymouth Citybus 030 T130EFJ
59 WA51ACY  and 438 Y735TGH are confirmed as still being on site at Milehouse being canablised for spares.
Back in service after accident repairs is Citycoach 318 BK61DKV
Plymouth Citybus 318 BX61DKV
Richard Smith

The Training fleet has been renewed with Volvo East Lancs 416 PL51LGO, 417 PL51LGU A and 418 PL51LGW now converetd to  full time trainers
Training Fleet © Richard Smith
The highlight this week though is the emergence of 108 WA12ADU in full swoops, the first of this type to get the scheme. Interestingly it has recieved full Citybus names rather than Go Cornwall.
Plymouth Citybus 108 WA12ADU Plymouth Citybus 108 WA12ADU Richard Smith Plymouth Citybus 108 WA12ADU
Ian Harris


  1. It would be quite instructive to hear what sort of modifications were needed to make the T reg Darts compliant with current disability access requirements.

    Was it significant work to kneeling mechanism, or just moving a few poles?

    This modification work is often mentioned, but it would be good to understand what's involved.

  2. 531 also off the road at Milehouse awaiting repair

  3. Front double seat removed on the nearside and the three fold up seat have become four. Also minor widening of passage way past the front two side facing seats behind the driver and some minor movement of poles.

  4. I like the way part of the swoop is missing on the offside so you can read the destination. On the nearside they haven't bothered and that's where more people are likely to read the destination!!!

  5. The Volvo B7RLE's have smaller rear destination boxes than before as they used to have full width ones

    1. this is not true, they have not changed that at all

  6. 485 is also off the road, has been for a few weeks, sitting outside the workshops at the front with part missing. A Alexander Dennis enginneer with a silver van was looking at it the other day too

    1. 485s been off the road for a few months come to think of it! poor old girl, she's a lovely bus

  7. Buses 29 & 33 are now both back in service rode on them yesterday.
    485 was having some rewiring done the last time I saw it.

  8. 508 was in town today showing off a new livery, it should see normal public service tomorrow, it also has lots of old photos not only on the outside but also inside for you too look at


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