16 March 2016

Derriford Transport Scheme Next Stage

More on the latest developments around Derriford

Major transport improvement plans for the north of the city have taken a major step forward, with the appointment of the main contractor for the Derriford Transport Scheme. The contract has been awarded to Amey LG Ltd following a competitive tender process and construction work is expected to begin in July.

The Derriford Transport Scheme will help to reduce congestion along Tavistock Road and create more road capacity for the extra traffic that will be generated by proposed developments in the area. It will also include better facilities for public transport, walking and cycling. Derriford Roundabout and the William Prance Road junction will be upgraded with additional traffic lanes, new bus lanes and improved traffic signals, as well as new, marked cycle lanes and new pedestrian crossings. Walking and cycling improvements will also extend towards The George Park and Ride. A preferred option has been chosen and scheme designs are being finalised following public consultation in 2014 and 2015.

Derriford is an area that is undergoing vast change, significant to the city’s future. A vision to establish a new heart for the north of the city was first proposed in Plymouth’s Core Strategy in 2007 and Derriford has since been identified as a key area to deliver growth in housing, employment and associated infrastructure as part of the Plymouth Plan. Central to this vision is a transport network that can connect people to new homes, jobs and leisure and health facilities. The Derriford Transport Scheme is part of a master plan of highway improvements that will help to achieve this and deliver jobs and homes in the north of the city.

It will be supported by other essential infrastructure improvements in the area including the new Marjon Link Road (which opened in the autumn), the Derriford Hospital Interchange and the proposed Forder Valley Link Road. The Heart-of-the-South-West Local Enterprise Partnership (HotSW LEP) is contributing £10.16 million towards the £12.72 million scheme.

For more information visit www.plymouth.gov.uk/derrifordtransportscheme. Derriford Scheme

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