15 January 2015

Incoming: Citybus Solos

Its a bit late but I have finally got round to updating the online Plymouth Citybus fleetlist to include the recent Optare Solos added from Western Greyhound.

206 WK58EAE [Photo Link]

207 WK58EAF [Photo Link]

208 WK58EAG

Plymouth Citybus 208 WK58EAG

©Richard Smith

209 WK58EAJ

Plymouth Citybus 209 WK58EAJ

©Lauren King

220 WK59CWU

Going green

©Nick Rice

221 WK59CWW

Go Slowlo

©Nick Rice

222 WK59CWX [Photo Link]

223 WK59CWY [Photo Link]

224 WK59CWZ

Plymouth 010203 2015 777

©Jason Beverley

Plymouth Citybus Fleet List

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  1. 214 (the Chatterbus) has been outshopped in the swoops livery. 311 is also being repainted but don't know the livery yet.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. These buses are going to be red very soon but i'm not sure what they will look like. but i did see someone put a photo up of a go cornwall bus in red. here is the link to the photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/129031446@N02/16024606186/

    3. Nice bit of misleading self promotion there Bradley! To avoid disappointment I'd avoid clicking the link!!

  2. I have seen no. 10 out and doing the 14 recently and I was thinking that it must of been in reserve because I haven't seen it out since, it was about a week ago.

  3. Are Citybus going to keep the Solos? I know they're not a popular bus as the electrics are complicated. I remember the few they bought back in 2009, which they quickly sold on!


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