19 January 2015

Incoming First B6BLE and Solos

First Devon & Cornwall have had a few "new" buses arrive in Plymouth recently:
48210 V810EFB Volvo B6BLE Wright Photo Link
48211 W811PFB Volvo B6BLE Wright


Photo credit: jhughes258 under Creative Commons Licence.
At least 48211 has been seen out in service

There have also been a few extra Optare Solos arriving at The Ride:

50290 W331DWX

Photo credit: Teggers 419 under Creative Commons Licence.
50291 W322DWX Photo Link
50292 W337DWX
50290 W337 DWX
Photo credit: David McBride under Creative Commons Licence.

I have not seen any of these out and about yet but I believe they are in service?

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1 comment:

  1. what a joke buses from the first scrap yard bye look at photo
    what about some realy new buses like 05 or08 plate Plymouth get be a grave yard for first bye look at it
    but least I went on thr green double deacker orther day .was gob smacked had all new seats looked well posh


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