29 August 2014

Two weekends of change: Part One

Don't forget this weekend sees several Plymouth Citybus services change.  Then the following weekend we get a few changes for First and one for Jacketts Coaches. The question I have heard the most from non-enthusiast friends: Why cant all the changes be made at the same time? I know there are all sorts of reasons why the companies themselves cant coordinate the changes, but you would think there must be some way that these things can be sorted!

31 August 2014

Changes to Monday to Friday evenings only – Service 5A between Royal Parade and Saltash will not run after 19:00. Service 5 will continue to serve Saltash from Royal Parade, last bus departing from Royal Parade at 23:08. Service 5 / 5A will continue to operate a combined 30 minute evening service between Royal Parade and Plymstock.

Plymouth Bus Services: 5 5A

31 August 2014

There will be adjustments to some early evening journeys.

Plymouth Bus Services: 21 21A

31 August 2014

Additional journey from Derriford Hospital to City Centre at 17:08 on school days. Short trips in the evenings between Royal Parade and Transit Way withdrawn. Service 29 to Derriford Hospital in the evenings will still serve Transit Way. Last two trips to Derriford on a Sunday will run 20 minutes earlier. Slight change to departure times on Saturdays.

Plymouth Bus Services 29

31 August 2014

Last evening service 41 From Royal Parade to Southway on a Sunday withdrawn. (See service 42A for alternative journey option).

Plymouth Bus Services 40 41

31 August 2014

Service will now operate via Milehouse to Tavistock instead of Mutley Plain. Service will no longer serve Derriford Hospital (see service 42/42A/42B for alternative services). Timetable changes to reflect this change to route, plus additional journeys operating via Brentor to Okehampton.

Plymouth Bus Services 11

31 August 2014

Current service 12 (BlueFlash) to Tavistock will be renumbered service 42. Current service 42 to Tamerton Foliot via Looseleigh Lane will be renumbered service 42B. The current 42A to Tamerton Foliot via Southway Drive will stay as service 42A. Service 42 to Tavistock will now operate via Mutley Plain instead of Milehouse, also serving Derriford Hospital. It will continue to be run using the Blueflash Double Deck buses. Tamerton Foliot services, now 42A (Southway) and 42B (Looseleigh) will now be run by newly branded Blueflash Single Deck buses. The above will mean a 15 minute frequency between Royal Parade and Derriford Hospital, operated by Blueflash branded buses with FREE Wi-Fi on board. All 42 services will run from stop A18 on Royal Parade.

Plymouth Bus Services 42

This last service will see the newly repainted Blue Flash Volvo B7RLEs which I am told look superb - hopefully will have photos early next week!

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  1. I was really lucky to see Eclipse 102 on A-track yesterday. It looked really smart - even better than the Blue Flash deckers personally.

  2. 101 and one of the other Blue Flashes (100?) parked at the front of the depot today.

  3. Now the 12 has become the 42 and runs through Mutley Plain, how many Go Ahead services are left running between Crownhill and Milehouse? Sorry, I cant keep up with all the changes.

    1. According to their map, the 11 and 34.

  4. Yes its 100, 101 and 102 in blue flash livery.
    Simply, the 11 and 12 swapped routes to crownhill and 12 became 42.
    Anyone know whats in the spray shop at the moment?

  5. It appears Citybus have increased their return fares this past week by anything between 5p and 30p, Am I the only one who has not seen any mention of this on internet etc? I would have thought they had a legal obligation to inform passengers first surely ??
    The increases include a 30p rise on parts of the 61/35 route despite what will now be cheaper competition from First on the 3a.
    Following the rises on Tavi routes a few weeks ago it seems certain that it is Citybus who have 'blinked first' in the fares battle on all routes, Citybus not contributing to the £100m plus profoit? Lets hope First can hold their nerve and keep their fares down now.


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