02 June 2014

Hot Dart

"You maybe aware that there has been a fire on one of our vehicles in Plymouth today. This is a very rare occurrence but one we take very seriously. We are glad that no injuries occurred and thank our staff for their actions. We would also like to thank the emergency services for their prompt response." Robbie Lamerton, General Manager, First South West
AN investigation will be carried out after a bus caught fire in Plymouth city centre. The First Devon bus had no passengers on board when it bust into flames at about 2.30pm today. The bus was parked in Exeter Street, on the carriageway above Bretonside bus station, leading into St Andrew’s cross, with just the driver on board when the driver of another bus saw sparks coming from the engine, in the rear of the vehicle. Within minutes the rear of the bus was in flames, with thick smoke billowing.
Plymouth Herald

First 40039 S389SUX
40039 back in happier days

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EYMS X47 Evening Changes EYMS are altering their evening service X47 between Hull, Beverley, Market Weighton, Pocklington and York from Sunday 1st June.
X39: Bristol - Bath The X39 links majestic Bristol with historic Bath. There are 5 buses per hour weekday daytimes, 4 per hour Saturday daytimes and route 39 runs via Keynsham every 30 mins Mon-Sat evenings and Sunday daytimes.
Gloom in Gwynedd as Padarn Pops Gwynedd Council have now issued a press release confirming that Padarn will stop running from midnight tonight. The council is now looking to issue last-minute contracts to find other companies to operate those routes that aren't already covered by other bus services. Council check: Kent County Council Each Sunday, we look at a local council and how it promotes the bus services in its area. This week, it's the turn of Kent County Council.
New Book New Bus For London Written by a transport journalist, it is a fairly decent insight into the the development of the New Routemaster/NBfL/White Elephant without being too detailed about the nuts and bolts of the bus design.
Goliath and Centurian Disposal Sanders Coaches last night tweeted 'Goliath & Norfolk Centurian have left Us for pastures new... Watch this space for our new additions'
Malmö, Sweden The city of Malmö is the third largest in Sweden, with a population of around 300,000 people. It is located in Sweden's southernmost county, Skåne. Skåne is also sometimes called by its traditional name, Scania. The commercial vehicle manufacturer which carries this name was founded in Malmö.
First timetables change this Sunday / Velvet B4 starts Monday From Wednesday, there's a new link between Bitterne and Bursledon in the shape of Velvet B4. It will run via Harefield, Thornhill and Sholing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
BORIS BUSES BEDAZZLE in BLACK Well now it appears that in London, black is the new red, as the first of twenty New Routemasters (or New Bus for London), in an allover black livery commence operation. WOES IN WALES, BUT SMILES IN SCOTLAND since the first money was allocated to the project, the price has doubled, the network has halved and it has taken twice as long to build as originally planned. The project was almost scrapped just weeks before the construction began in 2007 and later ground to a halt for months when the company in charge of the trams fell into a bitter dispute with the main contractor.
A B C D E F G (part 3) Before we reveal the whole truth and nothing but the truth, we will join fbb on his real live trip and perhaps share with him some of the problems that this clever bit of timetabling presents to the unwary. On This Day ... Apologies for any inaccuracy in this fbb expurgated summary of events; the whole story is far more convoluted and intertwined with politics, incompetence and overspend. What's Going On : Ple'ma an kyttrinva? “So, the Edinburgh trams logo graphic suggests a system or network of lines intersecting. I’ve done them a new one that more accurately reflects the single line we’ve ended up with; and it doesn’t quite make it all the way across.


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