30 May 2014

Welcome Home

In complete contrast to yesterdays post with have this photo from the Ralph Delbridge:

Leyland PD2 102 finally returned to Plymouth after a spell at Buckfastleigh to allow restoration work to be completed. We are all delighted to see this rare and unique vehicle back to its rightful home; the streets of Plymouth. PCTPG 


©Ralph Delbridge

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  1. Good to see the old girl back in her home city at last - welcome back !

  2. Fantastic to see this Bus back in the City. Ralph and all those supporting the group should take a well earned pat on the back.
    They are doing a superb job keeping our history alive. Would they ever consider expanding to include Western National and National Express buses and coaches?
    I know they are PCT PG but they have done so well I wonder if they would ever contemplate it? Either way well done, Martyn.


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