30 June 2014

Forthcoming Event

PCTPG - Alton Bus Rally and Mid Hants Railway

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New Forest Tour / Sunday buses to Paultons Park & Ringwood Bluestar's New Forest Tour starts again today for the summer, running daily until 14th September. See full details here.
Brooklands Part2 Having dealt with the vintage gathering entrants at Brooklands in part 1, in this report I'm going to take a look at the newer entrants, together with the new London Bus Museum itself, and finish with a few reflections on the day, my first visit to Brooklands since the former Cobham museum collection moved in.
‘Scene’ in Keighley Bus station Whilst in Keighley, West Yorkshire on other business recently I had an hour to kill so it was off to the bus station. ‘Transdev in Keighley’ (TiK) are the major operator in town operating out of a modern bus station that presents a few challenges when it comes to photography
Weekly round-up of London’s railway transport news Two years after Bankside hosted the House of Switzerland during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, a Swiss Railway Clock has been installed in Borough Market as gift to the people of Southwark. Haynes publishes an Owners Manual for the London Underground Most of what is written in the history will be familiar to any die-hard tube geek, but the glorious use of photos, many of which haven’t been published before does make it an enjoyable book to read through at leisure and at least refresh the memory about moments in history that had been forgotten about
Armchair Blogger? Despite fbb's assuring his readers that the idea was a non-starter for all sorts of reasons, our anonymous commentator felt that your ancient author ought not to be sticking his nose across the Tamar. In one sense anonymous is quite right. But on one point he is quite wrong; fbb is not an armchair blogger - it's a dining room chair! Next Stop America : A Look at Land's End Once upon a time, First ran service 300, open top, on a mega circular from Penzance to Lands End, along the coast to St Ives and back to Penzance. But this year, Cornwall Council decided to "save money" by dubbing this service as "for tourists only" and thus outside the old fogey free ttavel scheme. Dumping Dartmouth? Promoting Plymouth? Assuming Stagecoach can make a success of the enhanced service, one has to wonder why First gave up, rumoured to be because they were losing significant money! What is the Stagecoach magic touch?
Stagecoach Group plc – Preliminary Results for the year ended 30 April 2014 “In the UK, we have placed record orders for new vehicles at our regional bus networks in 2014/15, which is a sign of our confidence in continuing to get people out of their cars and back on board the bus. We have the lowest fares of any national bus operator and the highest customer satisfaction. In London, we are winning and retaining contracts on the right terms and our customers are benefitting from improved operational performance. Manchester Airport Metrolink tram line completed early Construction of a tram line to Manchester Airport has been completed over a year early, the city's transport executive has said. The nine-mile (14.5km) line, which runs to the airport via Wythenshawe from Chorlton, was due to open in 2016.
50: Bournemouth - Swanage The 50 is on a sunny day one of the prettiest bus journeys in the world. It links the south coast's biggest resort with one of Dorset's most beautiful seaside villages, plus it goes on a ferry! Oh and it's run with open top buses!

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