11 June 2014

Dawlish Sea Wall and Carmel Appeal

Network Rail announces follow-up work to Dawlish Sea Wall following successful reinstatement of train services

The plans involve raising the sea wall in front of the site of the main breach, to provide extra resilience and support. The sea wall runs at a high level in front of Dawlish, except for a 340 metre stretch between Coastguards Footbridge and Rockstone (aka Blackbridge) Footbridge. This section was left at a lower level when the railway was originally built in the 19th century due to pressure from a local landowner. Now, however, the footpath will run at the higher level along the whole section. In addition to offering greater protection, this will mean that pedestrians will be able to use the footpath at high tide. Before now, the footpath was often flooded by the sea at high tide, meaning that safety diversions were needed. The work will mean that some access to the footpath and beach is limited, but Network Rail is working closely with the local authorities and community to minimise disruption.

Julian Burnell from Network Rail said: “Many residents suggested this solution when we were dealing with the original damage in February and March. Now is the perfect time to raise the footpath and give the sea wall extra protection. “We need to complete this work before next winter, so we will need to work across the late summer and autumn. We’ve been here long enough to know how important the tourist season is, so we’ll be making sure we cause as little disruption as we can. Wherever we can we will be bringing in material by sea. “We are also meeting with local residents to discuss any concerns they may have. We’re confident that we can maintain our excellent relationships with the people of Dawlish.”


Network Rail

Coach firm Carmel appeals against losing its licence

The Devon coach company that lost its licence over "woeful failures" says it will appeal against the decision. Carmel Coaches is still continuing its schools services until 31 July. Tony Hazel, director of Carmel Coaches, said he thought the report was a "harsh decision" and was "happy our vehicles are safe". Mr Hazel said: "Until the recent tragedy in Looe, where in fact our coach was not found not to have contributed to the accident, I can say we've been in business for 30 years without a passenger suffering any injury in that time and I believe that is a very acceptable safety record. "I'm happy our vehicles are safe and I would be happy for my grandchildren to travel on the coaches, which they regularly do.

A Devon County Council spokesman said: "We are appointing our own independent vehicle engineers to ensure that the Carmel coaches used on our school routes meet all the statutory safety requirements. We will follow this up by carrying out unannounced spot checks on coaches at schools. "We are also studying in detail all the concerns she had about management and fault reporting."

BBC Devon

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  1. So I guess we know what they meant when they said they were going to invest some money to stop this happening again. Hah!

  2. I have read that some of the local people who's properties overlook the sea wall in this area have objected to the sea wall being raised! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-27798881


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