10 June 2014

Carmel Coaches: The End?

“In light of the woeful failures which remain as recently as 6 May 2014 on balance I am drawn to the conclusion that Carmel Coaches Limited, Mr Tony Hazell and Mr Michael Hazell are not capable or competent to operate the necessary systems to ensure vehicles remain roadworthy when in service and in a lawful manner. They are found wanting to such an unacceptable degree, even after copious amounts of advice and support from DVSA, a warning from me and help from the commercial sector. I find myself in a similar position to the Upper Tribunal in Barry Flowerdew 2011/31 where ‘a line had to be drawn at some stage’. “I do not trust Carmel Coaches Limited, Mr Tony Hazell and Mr Michael Hazell will operate vehicles in a roadworthy condition moving forward and hence this decision now draws that line.”

Commissioner, Sarah Bell

A Devon bus and coach company has lost its licence over "woeful failures" and safety concerns. Carmel Coaches runs bus routes for schools services and private hire from bases in Northlew and Exeter. Sarah Bell, Traffic Commissioner for the West of England, has made an order to revoke its licence and those of two of its directors from the end of July.

Issues included serious defects not being fixed and poor record keeping of safety issues over a number of years. The findings of the report said that in March a number of Carmel coach drivers told inspectors about "many different defects" on its vehicles.

On 24 April two buses were prohibited at the roadside following the disembarking of children at a school bus check. One of the company's vehicles was involved in a coach crash at Looe in Cornwall on 13 May in which two people died. The commissioner had gathered her evidence before the crash and said that her decision did not reflect the incident. In the report Ms Bell said:" I make it clear that I have put that event from my mind for the purposes of this written decision. "The incident will be the subject of a rigorous investigation by the police and various agencies."

BBC Cornwall

Carmel Coaches - FJ04ESG - Exmouth - 26 January 2012 (2)

[cc] Steven Hughes Jan 2012

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  1. Quite right too. The public travel on these vehicles and expect them to be safe, and they should be. Whilst school contracts may not pay enormous amounts operators still take the contracts and parents expect their children to be carried around in safe vehicles. There is no excuse other than greed and not investing in the fleet operated. I'm sorry for the drivers and support staff who are wondering no doubt where their next pay packet comes from but the Hazells have failed them, the public and themselves. A lesson here for all. Martyn

  2. "I can say we've been in business for 30 years without a passenger suffering any injury in that time and I believe that is a very acceptable safety record."

    He just doesn't get it, does he? If that's going be the basis of his appeal he may as well not bother.


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