21 August 2013

Every little helps

Carmel Coaches have quite a nice web site which is nice ands clean and well laid out. Quite professional looking in my opinion.

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I have been keeping an eye on it to see if and when anything got posted about the Asda and Tesco shopper buses.

I was watching the ‘latest news’ section but nothing was happening. This week I took a closer look at the timetables…

Then suddenly links to Asda and Tesco timetables appeared.

TESCO Roborough JAN 10.indd TESCO Roborough JAN 10.indd
All looks nice and professional and then you see the timetable is dated 18th January 2010! Clearly just used an old timetable display. It wouldn't be so bad but the timetable link that gets you to this timetable states that the T4 operates on Friday – NOT Tuesday as stated on this display!

There are some maps which look strangely familiar too but I cant get then to reproduce here. At least the Tesco timetable does not say who operates the service. The link for the Asda free bus takes you to a small pdf with a timetable from 16th April 2012 “Your free bus service operated by Plymouth Citybus”!

I am sure this is all as a result of the almost indecent haste in which the service was taken from Citybus and passed over to Carmel. I wonder how many passengers have been confused and wonder where their bus has gone?

The Carmel web site indicates a professional operation so I have every confidence that decent up to date timetables will be provided soon.

Does anyone know what vehicles they are using on these services yet?


  • The road is still narrow and, despite warnings a-plenty, large vehicles can come to grief as they think they will get through by somehow defying the laws of physics. Public Transport Experience 14 August
  • With Royal Parade a hive of activity after the annual National Firework Championships in the City, it was surprising to find South Devon Railway operated Routemaster ALD 872B out earning her keep on a private hire trip. PTOTPA 15 August
  • Presumably locals get to know by experience or blind guesswork. This educational process is not helped by a sideways timetable page in a very dirty frame at the square! Public Transport Experience 15 August
  • Today (Saturday 17th August) it will be 110 years to the day that the first Great Western Railway bus service was inaugurated which ran from Helston Station to The Lizard. Public Transport Experience 17 August
  • The Iveco TurboDaily - bouncy, vibrating, rattly buses, but a type of bus that I think you'll find nearly every enthusiast growing up in the People's Provincial area will have a small soft spot for (mmm, not so sure about that!) Southern England 18 August
  • Yesterday marked the 110th anniversary of the very first Great Western Railway motor bus service, running between Helston and The Lizard. PTOTPA 18 August
  • In a bid to save more than £¾mil, Dorset council proposes to cull many of its Saturday supported services. Omnibuses 18 August
  • "Politicians ... get carried away with an overpowering sense of their own standing and importance and and fail to see what is obvious to almost everyone else in the town." Public Transport Experience 18 August


  1. In the case of asda the timetable will be changed in few weeks so this is just a rough quick job! They will use coach in interim u.til they can source deckers so i bn told.

    1. Carmel Vario VX04KTT was at Roborough this afternoon (Tuesday). Tesco Free Bus Card in Window, 001 on blinds. Fairly crowded not much room for bags!

  2. I can understand this confusing situation. The Tesco bus service should improve its services.


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