20 August 2013

Swooped: 88 WA56OZM

Continuing the catch-up of swooped buses: (title corrected from earlier!)

Showing off the new livery, Plymouth Citybus Merc Citaro 88 WA56OZM is seen on Royal Parade.
©Tom Michaels. January 2013
Plymouth Citybus 088 WA56OZM
February 2010
Plymouth Citybus 088 WA56OZM
July 2005


  1. Heading incorrect - bus 88 not 83

  2. Has anyone else noticed that 89 has been painted into the new swoop livery, but the 2005 red and gold logo remains above the drivers cab window (haven't seen the curb side as of yet).

    Graham I was going too email you the photo only I couldn't find a contact address.


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